Female Self Pleasuring Guide

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Female pleasuring is the ability to make oneself feel sexually satisfied by ones own means. It entails masturbating, use of sex toys, dildos, bananas, carrots, vibrators and other gadgets that are penis-like.

Women have to contrive to entice their clitoris to self pleasure themselves. Self pleasuring toys and gadgets like carrots, bananas and others can be found in our very own kitchen, any penis like gadget can work. The use of fruits and vegetables is said to be the safest way for self pleasure since it cannot endanger you physically, but using gadgets like bottles, wood as the bottle might break inside you and wood might splinter.

Dildos and vibrators are also most preferred for female self pleasuring as they are penis shaped. Dildos have been manufactured to be sold and used especially for female self pleasuring. They were not merely created to aid men in their sexual fantasies. Erotic movies, however, are very informative when it comes to learning how to use dildos. Use a dildo to massage your clitoris and slide it in and out and around your vagina.

Vibrators on the other hand serve the same purpose but are designed in a different manner. The disadvantage of vibrators is that they consume a lot of power because they can only function where there is electricity there those with no electricity prefer dildos which are expensive but can be used anywhere. Vibrators can be adjusted to any shape and size to satisfy the user. They are made in a way that if u want it to be long you can as well adjust it, short, medium sized as well as big penis-like shape can be found by a simple adjustment.

The use of vibrators can be complicated but one has to watch erotic movies to learn more on the use of this gadget. If one is a learner, she should follow the instructions on the neither gadget to make sure the speed of the vibrator is okay with her. If one wants high speed you can as well adjust it to give you the pleasure you want.

Masturbation is also a female self pleasuring technique acquired by touching the clitoris. Most female prefer masturbation because it is simple, easier and cheaper compare to dildos and vibrators. Masturbation can also be done by fingering for self pleasure. Dildos and vibrators are expensive to low class people thus they prefer masturbation, use of carrots and other vegetables to self pleasure themselves.

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